How Neroche got its village hall?

How is Neroche Hall maintained?

The100 Club

Fund raising events

Neroche Hall Extension and Development

and how we celebrated the completion of the project

How Neroche got its village hall

Neroche Hall began life in 1849 as St Paul’s Church, the Anglican church for the parish of Bickenhall.  In 1972 it became redundant and was closed.  A group of villagers recognised that it would make an ideal village hall for the community and worked to bring this about.  In 1976 it was purchased and converted into Neroche Hall, the village hall for the civic parish of Neroche. Funds were raised to provide the necessary additional facilities and the car park needed for its new role.  It was officially opened in 1977.  It remains a Grade Two listed building.

Neroche Hall is a resource and focus of activities for the villages and hamlets of Badger Street, Bickenhall, Curland, Orchard Portman, Staple Fitzpaine, Thurlbear, Whitty and Winter Well.  It is a popular venue, well used by the wider community for social and commercial events. 

It is he policy of the Neroche Hall Committee to make the hall as accessible as possible to the community by keeping the hiring charges for its use to a minimum, and also by allowing the hire of equipment for functions held within the parish. 

How is Neroche Hall maintained?

The hall is a registered charity.  It receives no assistance with the cost of maintaining the hall from any statutory or funding body.  Instead there it relies on two sources of income to make up the deficit between income from hiring and the high maintenance cost, namely:

  • The 100 Club   This, as its name implies, allows a group of about 100 people to have the chance of winning a cash prize by taking out an annual subscription.  The fee is £15.  There is a monthly first prize of £25 and a second prize of £15, with the prizes increased at Easter, the beginning of autumn and at Christmas time. This is a valuable source of income to the hall.  Why not take out a subscription?  Just contact us by using the form on the Contact us Page or emailing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Fund raising events   The hall runs regular events for the community such as Quiz Nights, barn dances, and the boules match which is held in the car park.  In addition, in conjunction with Take Art, it puts on two or three outstanding performances by visiting national and overseas artists.  All the events are very popular and well attended.  They are also the major source of income for the hall

Neroche Hall Extension and Development......

 2010 saw the Trustees embark upon an ambitious scheme to develop and bring more up to date the facilities of the Hall.

An appeal was launched to generate £65,000.

The scheme was initially driven by the need to provide much better facilities for users of the hall with disabilities. It was then decided that the best plan was to launch a major scheme to do all the other major developments we had been thinking about at the same time

The essential features of the plan were to provide:

New toilet facilities for users of the hall with disabilities to brings the hall in line with DDA requirements

A new access and emergency exit for wheelchair users

A more attractive entrance to the Hall for all users

Other developments

To create more room for storage, of which there is currently precious little

To put in a new and up-graded heating system.

To modernise and generate more space in the kitchen.

The kitchen had not been seriously adapted since the initial development, and the old large boiler was in the kitchen. The new kitchen now has an electric heater and water boiler, a triple fridge, a dishwasher, two very large sinks and a heated mobile unit. Food preparation space has increased significantly.

We are indebted to Viridor Credits for a substantial grant;Taunton Deane and Somerset County Council for their significant award; Neroche Parish Council  for their support, The Young's Trust, The Lottery, the Somerset Community Fund as well as all the volunteers who helped at our numerous fundraising events.

Official Opening of Neroche Hall Development

The successful completion of the developments to Neroche Hall was celebrated in fine style on March 5th. The committee laid on a superb four course dinner which showcased the advantages of the redesigned kitchen; and there were various entertainments  and live background music as well. The Chairman expressed sincere appreciation  for all the local support for the developments  which had cost the best part of £70,000. The event was a sell out , and everyone had a really good time. Particular thanks go to David Spears for leading his team in the planning and cooking and execution  of the meal. There was a brief formal opening ceremony, with no less than 5 Chairmen cutting the ribbon. It is hoped that many people will now want to hold  family celebrations and parties at the hall.